Our Customers

We design our services according to our customers, every cleaning job is different but every customer is important and deserves the best cleaning quality.

  • Small office/retail businesses:Office Cleaning Service

We help small offices, clinics, or retail businesses owners to solve the cleaning of their premises and sanitization needs. By providing safety to their employees and customers, mitigating any risk of any germ or virus exposure.

The ongoing Covid 19 and its variants have further intensified the concerns of hygiene at the workplace and the new reality post lockdown demands hygiene procedures to be in place beneficial to :

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Businesses
  • And the Community.

Our focus on small business buildings and retail spaces is to provide attention to detail and proper procedures expected, contact us to design a janitorial service based on your specific needs.


  •  Rental  Property Managers:

Apartment and condo clean-outs
Rental units cleaning services.

We help landlords to clean their units after their tenants move and leave them ready for the new tenants to move in.   We will make sure the unit is thoroughly cleaned,  areas such as the tub, toilet, stove, and refrigerator are especially important for the new tenants. A deep clean between tenants will ensure all floors, surfaces, and appliances are sanitary, safe, and comfortable for your next renter.

As a landlord or property manager you want to welcome your new tenants with a freshly cleaned property, let us help you make a great first impression on your new tenants and start your landlord-tenant relationship with the right foot.




  • Construction Contractors:

Post Construction cleaning service.
Helping you giving the last touch to your project.

Post-construction cleaning is very important and one of the most laborious processes and is necessary to add a final touch to the finished product.

For any construction contractor, turning over the key of a newly created building or a renovated one is the ultimate goal for any client that they will be serving.
For the construction to be completely over, there are more additional works to do before the final turn-over of the key. These additional works include full cleaning of the entire facility or what we call, post-construction cleaning.
Also,  after a house renovation, homeowners are often stuck with the post-construction cleaning, since many contractors do not offer post-construction cleaning as part of their services.




  •  Realtors:

Move in/out cleanings.
Make a great impression on potential buyers.

The role of a listing agent or realtor is very extensive and one of their many roles is to help prepare the house to sell to maximize the property value.

In some cases, a deep cleaning is needed or maybe just general cleaning.

Touch-ups are suggested for ‘staged’ properties to get them ready for Open House Day to keep the dust and debris from ruining the ambiance. We also offer a vast array of add-ons that can help complete the look and make the best features of the property shine.

We are here to help you get that property ready for sale and to ease the process.





  •   Vacation Rental property owners

vacation rental turnovers
We clean vacation rental properties and leave them ready for your customers

Rental properties, like  Airbnb or Vrbo are such a great idea, they provide both the host and their customers with new and rewarding experiences.

But the cleaning can get tough, we can help you offer that high-quality experience to your customers, we are aware of the 5 step cleaning process and enforce every step. We know your vacation rental property must be impeccable for your customers, and we want you to get great reviews.

Call us If you need a reliable company to take care of your vacation rental property.



  • Homeowners:

Move in/out cleanings
Are you moving to the house of your dreams?

Are you ready to move in/out and need a reliable company to take care of the cleaning duties?

Because we think that moving shouldn’t have to be stressful, let us do the cleaning so you can enjoy the moving process.

Or perhaps you are preparing for a special event or ready for spring deep cleaning. You don’t have to wait for spring to clean.

Contact us if you need help with your cleaning necessities.

* Sorry but at this moment we do not offer maid/housekeeping service. We perform one-time or special cleanings only.

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