Move out/in and Rental Property Cleaning Service.


Thank you for choosing Blue Crystal Cleaning Services to clean your property.

“We strive to provide an excellent cleaning service so that you can focus on more important things and make your move easier”


                                                      Moving out/in cleanings*


                                    What’s included in our move-out cleaning service package?


  • All the rooms vacuumed and dusted
  • All the baseboards dust and wiped
  • All the floors swept and mopped
  • All doors dust and wiped
  • Door handles sanitized and disinfected*
  • All bathrooms clean and disinfected
  • Kitchen cleaned and disinfected
  • Oven and Microwave cleaned and sanitized
  • All surfaces wiped and sanitized
  • All cabinets in/out dusted and wiped
  • Stove and hood range  cleaned
  • Window sills, frames, and blinds dusted
  • Walls spot cleaned.
  • Laundry room dusted and appliances wiped
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Light switches cleaned and sanitized. 


                                     What’s included in our move-in cleaning service?

  •  Our moving in  service includes all the above plus:
  •  all the interior windows, 
  •  spot clean carpets
  • frequently touched areas thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.




  • Payment is expected in full on the day of the cleaning. The total amount due and any extra charges are to be paid once the job is finished. 
  • Property must be completely empty, we do not move heavy objects or belongings left behind.
  • The client is responsible for providing a faucet with running hot water and working electrical outlets, and any special cleaning products.
  • Bounced or returned checks have a fee of $50. If we don’t receive our payment and have to bring the case to small claims court we will, besides our pay; any expenses your case might cost us  ( lawyers, time or fees, etc) will be your responsibility and covered entirely by you.
  • Any jobs requiring extra or unusual supplies and/ or equipment will be billed additionally for these services.
  • Any additional services not normally included in the cleaning package that you select will also be billed for additionally unless it is noted on your service agreement at the time of your estimate. (for example – Stone sealers, floor buffers, carpet extractors, etc)
  • We are not responsible if your blinds break during the cleaning process due to age or bad shape, if you don’t want them cleaned make sure to let us know.
  • Last-minute cancellations. You may reschedule, skip, add, or cancel your cleanings, however, we do ask for a notice of any of these actions.
  • Your Satisfaction is guaranteed. While we do not offer refunds on services that have been provided, we will return & re-clean any areas of concern that are reported to us within 24 hrs of our cleaning.
  • Due to the time-consuming and unpredictable nature of the cleaning business, an exact time of arrival cannot be offered. We can provide AM or PM time slots for your convenience if needed.
  • Carpets and walls will be spot cleaned and we are not responsible for spots that won’t come out after the cleaning solutions are applied. Those spots might need different treatment and that’s not included in our package.
  • For insurance and marketing purposes, before and after pictures of the cleaning job will be taken and possibly used in our website and marketing campaigns. By accepting our services you agree to it. Addresses, names or personal information, will never be depicted.
  • We will expect full pay if for any reason we are asked to leave in the middle of the cleaning job.
  • By accepting our services you agree to all of our policies.
  • Your personal information will never be disclosed or sold to third parties unless you requested it.
  • We require absolute confidentiality from our employees and they are not authorized to share or distribute personal information from our customers in any way or form.


Thank you for choosing Blue Crystal Cleaning Services!